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Theme: Virtual Education
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Wednesday, Feb. 17 at 3 pm EST

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We hope these unprecedented times find you and your family in the best of health and safety.  We appreciate you and recognize what an amazing job you have been doing to educate our children especially in these trying times.

We invite you to a FREE Webinar (Wednesday, February 17th) geared towards catering to the spiritual and emotional needs of young students. Please RSVP to indicate your availability and participate in an interactive session (45 mins).  Once you RSVP, webinar’s zoom link will be sent to you in your confirmation email.

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About Workshop

Webinar Topic:

No Student Left Behind:
Addressing the Impact of Virtual Education on Socio-Emotional Wellness

As educators traverse the new domain of virtual and hybrid education, traditional classroom challenges may include an added dimension of complexity taking into account both student and teacher socio-emotional wellness. Applying a holistic approach to education necessitates understanding the intertwined layers of mental, social, spiritual, and emotional resilience and how these layers may be severely impacted by the shift in education mediums. Greater educator awareness of our own as well as our students’ socio-emotional wellness throughout this new mode of education delivery is a necessary ingredient in the development of a stronger sense of self and the ability to lead students towards achieving greater strides academically and socially. Through the application of socio-affective strategies, educators can learn how to employ greater empathy approaches that take into account important elements of socio-emotional wellness such as faith, morality, and values in building emotional resilience within a virtual school system. This program will provide practical grounding techniques and applicable methodologies adopted to the virtual classroom to assist educators in identifying areas of concern and in working towards building a healthy emotional atmosphere for their students during these uncertain times.

About Presenter

Dr. Suzy Ismail

Dr. Suzy Ismail is the Founding Director of Cornerstone, a nonprofit, faith-based communication intervention organization with several locations around the world that focus on youth, identity, socioemotional wellness, and relationship rebuilding.

Dr. Suzy is the author of many books and specializes in educating and empowering women, youth, and vulnerable populations by presenting a range of workshops, lectures, programs, diversity seminars, and corporate trainings both nationally and internationally. As a Visiting Professor for over a decade in the Communication Departments of Rutgers University and DeVry University, Dr. Suzy has researched, written, and presented extensively on the intersectionality of education, faith, communication, and culture. She has also served for many years as a student adviser, teacher, and board member of a local private school.

Dr. Ismail has been interviewed on numerous media outlets and is often featured on talk shows, radio and television broadcasts and podcasts regarding her work. She has presented at the World Meeting of Families during Pope Francis’ first visit to the US.

She holds a Master of Arts in Communication and a Master of Philosophy in Human Services and a PhD in Human Services focusing on Family Studies & Intervention Strategies. Dr. Ismail currently resides in Princeton, New Jersey with her husband and three children.