National Dawah Academy

Student Certification

in Field Dawah Studies

Tailored for the students of Islamic Schools in North America!  A premiere Dawah training platform by WhyIslam and GainPeace.  A collaborated effort with other Dawah initiatives like Ask A Muslim.  Alhamdulillah.


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Face To Face Learning

Sessions are interactive and class sizes are limited.  All sessions will be offered using Zoom (some select locations in person)

Share And Collaborate

Network with other like minded students to not only share notes, ideas but also to launch mini-dawah projects

Dawah in Deed

Take your knowledge further by joining Dawah field activities to share Islam with fellow Americans

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About Program:

The ICNA National Dawah Academy (ICNA-NDA) is pleased to announce the launch of a dawah program tailored to the students of Islamic Schools in North America. The purpose of the program is to:

  • Motivate students towards conveying the compassionate and peaceful message of Islam
  • Teach students to initiate fruitful dialogues in active and passive modes
  • Provide students with a basic introduction to the fundamentals of dawah
  • Nourish and enrich students with valuable knowledge
  • Provide a bridge for students to ultimately enroll in the ICNA-NDA Diploma program

The Student Dawah Certification Program is comprised of three (3) thirty minute sessions. A qualified instructor from ICNA-NDA will be assigned to conduct the sessions upon registration. The three sessions will cover:

  • Importance of Dawah
  • Intro to Dawah Methodologies
  • Intro to Comparative Religion

Students who complete the three sessions will be awarded with a Student Dawah Certificate from ICNA-NDA. The three sessions must be completed during the school year in which the student(s) register for the first session.

Teachers are welcome to enroll an entire class into the program. Please click here to register!

We ask Allah to bless this initiative and make it rewarding for both teachers and students who enroll in the Student Dawah Certificate Program.  Ameen.

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