Curriculum for Dawah Workshops

Interactive Workshop Features:

  • Etiquette of effectively conveying the Message of Islam
  • Proving God’s Existence
  • God’s Oneness
  • Need for Reveletion
  • The Prophethood of Muhammad (pbuh)
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Mock Dawah Session
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Dawah Instructors


Ali Kamnaksh

Field Dawah Coordinators for 877-Why-Islam Ali Kamnaksh is one of the Dawah Coordinators for WhyIslam where he plans and executes dawah events. Ali was WhyIslam's youngest dawah associate, when he was hired at the age of 17. Currently, he Ali is also the Young Muslims Coordinator in New Jersey where he organizes youth events with the Muslim community. Ali aspires to obtain an Islamic Degree in Hadith Sciences and Islamic Studies from The Islamic University of Madinah. Ali also produces media for his "Young Dawah" YouTube Channel, where he amasses hundreds of thousands of views from across the world in addition to his massive following of subscribers.


Dr. Sabeel Ahmed

Executive Director of the GainPeace Project Dr. Sabeel Ahmed currently serves as the Director of the GainPeace Dawah project. Dr. Sabeel has been involved in dawah work for over 15 years. Dr. Sabeel is a student of Shaykh Ahmed Deedat, has extensively studied comparative religions. Dr. Sabeel has lectured widely on Islam, conducted da'ee training courses. Upon completing his medical education, Dr. Sabeel has dedicated his life to being a da'ee.

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