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How I benefited from ICNA National Dawah Academy?

How I benefited from ICNA National Dawah Academy?

I found my purpose and focus through ICNA National Dawah Academy

Intro to Courses by its Instructors

Dawah Using the Names of Allah (SWT) by Imam Karim Abuzaid

Many Prophets, One Message by Sh. AbdurRahman Khan

Intro to Dawah Methodologies by Sh. Isa ibn Matta

Emotional Intelligence by Dr. HernĂ¡n Guadalupe

Misconceptions about Islam by Dr. Sabeel Ahmed

Dawah to Latino and African American Communities by Prof Shareef Muhammad

Jesus: Man. Messenger. Messiah. by Dr. Kia Jahed

Intro to Comparative Religion by Sh. Gyasi Mckinzie

Fiqh of Dawah by Dr. Marwan Mohammad

Authenticity of the Quran by Imam Farhan Siddiqi

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Ever wonder if you can answer questions about Islam more effectively?

What is everyone saying about last semester of ICNA National Dawah Academy | Dr. Marwan Mohammad